Beauty Transformation🔥 From Cave Girl to Beauty Queen *Makeup Hacks and Gadgets*

This is a story about how a cave girl 👩🦴, who never wears makeup, accidentally comes to civilization and meets a glamorous lady who gives her a beauty box with a lot of tools inside 💋. Initially, she doesn’t quite understand it, but then she starts to change ✨ She tries different beauty gadgets and products, some work out but others don’t. Watch and find out about her beauty transformation!

0:42 Easily remove unwanted hair yourself / Hair Removal Machine
1:07 Applying makeup with an electric brush? / Electric Makeup Brush
1:46 No need for glue / Magnetic Eyelashes
2:23 Using Ice to apply makeup! / Ice Mold
3:36 Choose your own eyebrow and lip! / Temporary tattoos
4:29 A must have for every women! / Lipstick
5:13 Easily spread them across your face / Vegetable sharpener
5:41 Instantly create an eyelid / Eyelid tape
6:16 Clean your beauty tools / Makeup washing machine
7:04 Lip suction machine / Pop tubes
7:37 Beauty treatment while looking anonymous / Light therapy mask

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This news story originally appeared at Beauty - Trend Magazine on 27 July 2022