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CHENNAI, TAMILNADU, INDIA, June 1, 2022 / — Women’s safety is an issue that has been on the rise for quite some time now. The need for women’s safety has led to several public and private initiatives. These campaigns aim to empower women and make them feel safe and secure. Smartphone and mobile app usage has resulted in a new way to ensure women’s safety. Mobile apps, specifically for this purpose are geared toward ensuring the well-being of women all over the world. One such app is I’m Safe.
What is I’m Safe?
I’m Safe is a mobile app with the sole objective of ensuring women’s safety. The app comes with a number of features and functionalities and the data collected are cryptographically secure.
Stand out features:
Track Me- The track me feature allows your loved ones to track you if you’re on a run or heading to the store. This feature lets you select people with whom you’d want to share your real-time location and you can also choose how long you want to be tracked. If you’re ever unable to notify your loved ones during an emergency and must be found, they’ll be able to locate you immediately. The “Track Me” feature is a simple and convenient way to ensure your safety and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.
SOS- SOS is designed to help you out of a dangerous situation. When activated, it sends out alerts to all your trusted contacts so that they can provide help or call for backup if needed. SOS shares your location with your trusted contacts. It also captures photographs and records audio clips at equal intervals. When the user is finally safe, the SOS function can be deactivated only after one of the trusted contacts inputs his unique safe code into the user’s app.
Safety marker- Safety markers help to see which areas are safe and which ones they should avoid through crowdsourcing. Anyone can contribute to the data set so it keeps constantly growing and evolving to reflect the most up-to-date information. With safety markers, you can explore the world with confidence, knowing that you’ve got the latest information on which areas to avoid.

The need for I’m Safe:

Disclaimer: The following scenarios are fictitious.

Scenario 1

Aarthi is a working girl and regularly takes the train to her house. To reach the station, she has to cross a long and quiet stretch of road. One day, as she is crossing the road she opens the I’m safe app to check if her route is safe using the safety marker. Unfortunately, the route was marked unsafe. So she held her phone ready to click on SOS if there was an emergency because that was the only route to the train. Suddenly, she notices a man following her. She increases her pace and the man does the same. Aarthi then immediately activates the SOS on the I’m Safe app.

Ten seconds later she receives a call from her office colleague. She fakes talking as if the person on the call is near her and will arrive soon. Aarthi now notices the man turn a corner and leave her sight. Whether the man meant to turn the corner or not is secondary, what matters is that with I’m Safe, Aarthi can walk through the streets feeling safe at all times.

Scenario 2

One weekend, Durga decides to visit her aunt after school. Her parents are both working so her mom books a cab to her aunt’s house. Durga gets into the cab and clicks on the track me button adding her parents and two of her friends to track her. Halfway through the journey, Durga notices that the driver takes a different route than the usual one. Durga has travelled to her aunt’s house several times so she knows the safest route. As a safety precaution, she takes out her phone and before she activates the SOS on the I’m safe app, she gets a call from her father asking about her. Her father was tracking her location and knew that her route was different. After a few seconds, her mother calls and then her friends one by one to know if she is okay.

After speaking with her trusted contacts, Durga asks the driver why he was taking a different route. The driver then confesses that he’s new to the city and does not know the area that well. Relieved that it was a slight misunderstanding, Durga goes safely to her aunt’s house.

In this scenario, we do not know if the driver was telling the truth or not. However, we do know that Durga is thankful for “I’m safe”, Durga’s trusted contacts were made aware of her situation and immediately checked up on her.

Scenario 3

Preethi a housewife is living with her son and husband. Every day, her husband goes to work while she drops her son off at school. Preethi spends much of the day alone in her house.

One day, Preethi is sitting quietly at home when she hears a strange noise outside the hall. She notices the silhouette of someone outside, trying to open the window. She immediately grabs her phone and activates the SOS alert on I’m Safe. Immediately she receives a call from her husband, then from her mother, and from her father. Her husband starts coming home to reach as quickly as possible and also calls their neighbours before he starts.

This is another example of how I’m Safe ensures the user’s safety, even when there is no one around.


Innovations and new developments in the technology sphere helped make our lives simple and easier to manage. I’m Safe is an example of an innovative technology that greatly benefits the user and ensures their safety. With this app, women can go about their day feeling safe and secure at all times.

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