Nu Woman Competitions

Nu Woman’s Selfie Competition


Contestants criteria:

Must be residing in a Caribbean country, e.g. Bahamas, St, Lucia, Jamaica, Haiti and so on OR must have Caribbean roots.

For example, contestants living in these countries, US, Canada, UK with Caribbean roots (e.g. parents, or migrated from a Caribbean island).

** Gender: Male & Female**

Categories : 3



(b) 27-37

(c) 38 -56

Submission guidelines:

Submit 2 photos taken by the contestant on a smart phone (no digital cameras). One image plain, with no make-up, another dressed up in clothes that contestant prefer.

Head-shots only (top of the head to mid section/torso).

Dates for submission: 4-14th August, 2014

Fee: $00.00 WAIVED, check below for alternative.

$00.00 NO FEE

INSTEAD, contestants must have three (3) to five (5) friends subscribe to our website (subscription is FREE) and “Like” our Facebook page. Contestants MUST include the names or email addresses of friends with their submissions!

Online judging on Nu Woman’s Facebook page from 18-24 August will count for 50% of the votes. The remaining 50% through judges (3) selected by Nu Woman Magazine. Judges will be announced when all submissions are in.

Top 3 from each age category will be selected for Facebook Voting.


1. The winner in each age category will receive a one-page feature in Nu Woman’s Fall 2014 issue.

2. The top winners will also be given an opportunity to present a short video (1-2 mins, produced on smart phone) on Nu Woman’s TV vimeo channel-

3. That will also be played on our website –

Please mail ALL submissions (photos) to:

Adhere to deadlines and guidelines as contestants not following the rules will be disqualified.

Stay updated via our Facebook page –



**Please include in the title of email your name and age. **

Let us know also which Caribbean country you are from (inside the email).

Good Luck!!



 Nu Woman Magazine

Established July 2007

Email address:


Telephone #: 242-445-6415

Check back for more details!

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