Expert Mike Bjorkman Outlines What New Realtors Must Know to Be Successful

To say that the world around us right now is changing dramatically is, at this point, definitely a bit of an understatement.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / — Mike Bjorkman says that this shift has been highlighted in large part thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a period that saw virtually every industry one can think of change overnight. Yes, some organizations have returned to normal – or as close to it as they can get – but others scarcely resemble what they looked like before all of this began in the early weeks of 2020.

One industry that saw a massive shift was real estate – a topic that is near and dear to entrepreneur Mike Bjorkman’s heart. As a veteran of the industry for many years, he witnessed firsthand how difficult things became when in-person home tours were essentially off the table. Then, he saw how local markets all over the country skyrocketed as the supply of available properties failed to keep up with the demand.

But for as new and unsettling as some of these shifts had felt, Mike Bjorkman had been in similar situations before. Indeed, that’s one of the things that he wants to instill in new realtors in order to be as successful as possible – the idea that one needs to both expect the unexpected and be willing to roll with the proverbial punches.

The State of Real Estate Today

Mike Bjorkman believes that one of the most important qualities that a real estate agent entering the business today can have is a level of flexibility and adaptability that can prepare them for anything.

Nobody could have predicted just how difficult things could become when COVID-related lockdowns first went into place. But at the same time, the entire real estate industry couldn’t just grind to a stop. People still needed homes and they needed assistance navigating what is certain to be one of the biggest and most important financial moves of their life.

So if one can’t bring someone physically into a home to show it to them before they make an offer, what does one do? Embrace innovative technologies like 360-degree photography and give them a virtual tour. Find ways to adapt what you’ve been doing to what the situation now says one needs to do. Don’t hope that the world changes back to “the way it was” – find a way to change with it. The better one is at that, the more successful one will be.

Along the same lines, Mike Bjorkman also believes that for new realtors, in particular, success ultimately starts in one place: the mind. “Training is important, yes – but it can only get you so far if you’re not good at selling your most important asset of all:


“People will come to you for your knowledge, your expertise, and for your willingness to help make one of their dreams come true. But if you don’t believe that you’re capable of doing these things, they won’t either. Therefore, new realtors need to start by investing in themselves so that they can then begin to develop their careers. Once they get to that point, there is no limit to what they can potentially accomplish.”

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