JournalOwl Helps People Bounce Back from Career Burnout

Career burnout affects people from every industry and career field. Writing your way out of burnout is an option to consider.

All is not lost with people suffering career burnout. Afterall, it’s not really their fault to begin with. ”

— Matt Angerer

FORT MYERS, FL, USA, June 7, 2022 / — JournalOwl recently launched yet another free expressive writing challenge for individuals suffering from career burnout. “When burnout is not addressed early on, it can lead to lasting problems,” says Matt Angerer, Co-Founder of JournalOwl.

Disengaged employees run rampant in most organizations and this can be traced mainly back to career burnout. The reason most of these employees don’t simply “quit” is because they are slaved to the bi-weekly ACH direct deposit of what we call a paycheck. Therefore, they do the absolute minimum in their day-to-day job to avoid being terminated (fired), but these individuals don’t infuse the necessary passion and creativity to propel organizations beyond their competition. Effectively, most of the “burnt out” in companies across the world are dead weight.

“All is not lost with people suffering career burnout. Afterall, it’s not really their fault to begin with. Each of us are thrust into roles and responsibilities that we don’t necessarily ask for, but are demanded of us on a day-to-day,” says Angerer. “Even the leaders in our organizations are burnt-out, but they do a good job of hiding it from their subordinates and others,” adds Angerer.

Why not try to “fix” the problem of burnout with an expressive writing challenge? JournalOwl’s simple approach to helping people undercover the root cause of their problems can be applied to turning around career burnout. “Although you may still need to think about jumping careers or taking time off – this writing challenge helps you dive deep into what caused that dreaded feeling of burnout,” concludes Angerer.

Here is a glimpse into the 21-day recovering from career burnout writing challenge:

• Day 1 – Acknowledging your situation today.

• Day 2 – How to dive into your emotions.

• Day 3 – Begin with acceptance.

• Day 4 – Identifying the positive.

• Day 5 – Cultivating strength within.

• And much more.

One of the best ways to overcome career burnout is to fully understand and process the experience around burnout. While most people can certainly do this with a trained therapist, they can also deep dive into their own psychology with expressive writing exercises and figure it out themselves. “Our goal is to help people apply the Socratic method to their everyday situations to help identify root cause. It’s refreshingly simple, yet so powerful,” adds Angerer.

Sign up for the career burnout recovery challenge and start feeling better!

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