The Millionaire Lifestyle of Britney Spears

The Millionaire Lifestyle of Britney Spears

According to a report in the Celebrity net worth portal, Britney Spears is worth $70 million. The pop star always enjoys spending her money on fine cars, clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and dining out with friends and family. Records that revealed Spears’ wealth included information on her spending habits as well. In 2018, her living costs came to $400,000, which is a considerable sum.

Of that, $66,000 was spent on household items at places like Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, throughout 80 trips. She also spent $70,000 on travel and $173,952 on gifts for her mother. Spears also pays her ex-spouse $20,000 in child support each month, Not to mention the additional $30K she spends just on her dogs.

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This news story originally appeared at Lifestyle - Trend Magazine on 6 May 2022