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Melissa Bauknight with her client

Melissa Bauknight, CEO and Founder of The Ripple Connection

Melissa Bauknight, CEO and Founder of The Ripple Connection

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The Ripple Connection Logo

The Bridge Mastermind includes an 8-step signature program with the answers to deeply knowing yourself and living your version of success – NOT Someone Else’s.

We combine intuition and strategy rooted in neuroplasticity and embodied cognition since a strategy alone isn’t enough to break old belief patterns and conquer fears.”

— Melissa Bauknight

GOLDEN, COLORADO, USA, May 17, 2022 / — Ambitious women often spread themselves thin trying to do ‘all the things they’re supposed to do’ ending up last in their priorities. They try every self-help book, circle through coaches, and off-the-shelf programs but nothing seems to work. They are left feeling confused and that something is still missing.

The Bridge is for women who know they’re made for more. The program is for the woman who is ready to align her career with her dream lifestyle so that she can finally BREAK FREE of the expectations that have bound her. These women who are done feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted – like their life is slipping through their fingers without clarity or purpose while they feel more than drained and lost than ever! “It’s time to boldly create the path between who they are and who they desire to be,” said Melissa during the launch of the course.

The Bridge is a 12-month group mastermind for the ambitious woman ready to embody her purpose authentically.
The program deeply grounds one into who they are as their highest self before they were conditioned by societal pressures and limiting beliefs. This is a critical step before they ripple out with their impact. They build a solid foundation of boldly trusting and believing in themselves, becoming the master of their emotions, and taking bold intentional action. Because such a powerful foundation is laid first, it results in a lasting shift in the way one relates to themself. From there, what one does naturally ripples out of who they are so that one actually thrives as a high-achieving professional woman with ease!

The developer of this unique program is none other than Melissa Bauknight, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, adventurer, mother, wife, and Business and Life Coach. As a collegiate athlete, she graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Finance and has since earned an applicable Ph.D. in Life. She garnered over 15 years of sales and business development experience in the corporate world working across six states and consistently performing in the top 10% of her peers. Having checked many boxes on her life goals list – traveling the world, achieving corporate success, marrying a loving husband, and starting a family, she still felt anxious and incomplete.

Melissa chose to boldly follow that inner calling to leave her corporate career and went on to be in the top 1% of a social impact direct sales company, build a coaching business at The Ripple Connection, and coach over 400 women in sales, mindset, and life alignment.

As a soul whisperer, Melissa ignites heart-led female leaders to embody their purpose and bravely design a business and life on THEIR terms! The primary way she does this is through her signature program, The Bridge, where women align themselves with their dream careers. She ensures that the work one does is in alignment with who they are.

Her purpose is to help women break free of the conditioning that keeps them fearful of following their own dreams while creating an abundance of everything – money, flexibility, impact, and time for themselves.

As the founder of The Ripple Connection, she coaches heart-led, high-achieving women to pursue a more fulfilling career path and life. She values adventure, laughter, and growth while boldly building a community with a huge heart and dedication to self-expression.

Her career path began as an award-winning sales rep in medical sales – a dream come true (or so she thought). “This job checked all the ‘what a job should be’ boxes including: highly lucrative, autonomous, ego-boosting status, and the ability to climb the corporate ladder”, she says.

With the new program she has developed, Melissa says; “My promise is for one to leave this program feeling lit up about their life, with an unshakable belief in oneself, and have the confidence to make 6 figures by making the difference that only one can make!”

Melissa adds that “We combine intuition and strategy rooted in neuroplasticity and embodied cognition since a strategy alone isn’t enough to break old belief patterns and conquer fears.”

Through The Bridge Program, the participants rewire their nervous systems and bring awareness to the importance of their thoughts, behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and conditioning so they can execute effectively.

The Bridge is a collaborative program that includes masterclasses and resources from her top 10 expert professional and personal growth advisors to bring accountability and complete support to step into a bold and abundant life! The best part of this program is it never ends – the ripple of the impact of the program creates a movement to inspire every woman to live on HER terms.

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