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4th FemAging Era Event Takes an In-Depth Look at the Opportunities in the $600 Billion Gap in Women’s Health

FemAging Era July 21, 2022

AgeTech Collaborative from AARP Innovation Labs

Fast Pitch Contest Offers Product Development Support and $10,000 Cash Prize to Tech Innovators

The medical community has underemphasized the importance of hormonal and menopause symptoms and failed to engage in sufficient research to understand how they can be remedied.”

— Denise Pines, Co-founder, FemAging Project

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 10, 2022 / — Women aged 40-plus have limited health care options available to them due to the lack of research and investment in aging women’s health. With the onset of hormonal changes brought on by perimenopause and menopause, many doctors and OB/GYNs are either unprepared to discuss solutions or attribute health challenges as a part of “growing older,” according to AARP.

Many women feel they have limited options for their wellness. However, innovators are creating solutions. The FemAging® Project is collaborating with Keiretsu Forum SoCal and AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP for the virtual event — The FemAging Era: Advancing Women’s HealthTech Innovation and Investment. The event will take place on Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 12p.m. EST and will feature a pitch competition showcasing Healthtech innovators’ solutions for women ages 40-plus.

“The needs of women aged 40 – 65 and above are significant, and they are quite concerned about their health” said Denise Pines, Co-Founder of the FemAging Project. “The medical community has underemphasized the importance of hormonal and menopause symptoms and failed to engage in sufficient research to understand how they can be remedied. We created the FemAging Era event and pitch competition to bring awareness to the issues surrounding women during this phase of their lives and accelerate innovations that address these disparities.”

The event consists of a keynote and sessions including:

• Beyond Fertility: Exploring the Why Behind the Women’s Health Gap. Leading physicians in women’s healthcare will discuss how we can push past the lack of education, fear and stigma that prevents women from living their fullest lives as they age.

• Women’s Health Investors on the FemAging Opportunity Investors will review the types of products and services investors would be interested in funding.

• What Does Agile Innovation Look Like in the FemAging Era Innovation, product development and design specialists will discuss how they can develop products for women aged 40-plus and strategies and tactics for innovating successfully in the FemAging Era.

The FemAging Pitch Competition is where innovators present their health and wellness solutions for women aged 40-plus. Participants could win $10,000 in cash and additional prizes, including a virtual one on one meeting with a potential investor, one-year free participation with Keiretsu Forum SoCal and other professional services.

The pitch competition is free and open to all U.S. based companies serving the health and wellness needs of women ages 40-plus. Non-profits are ineligible. Applications are being accepted from May 23 to June 27 at Founders/innovators demonstrating initial traction such as customer sign-ups, LOI’s, etc. are also encouraged to apply and must be available to participate in the event on July 21.

“The FemAging Project has been a leader in helping the industry understand this market and growing innovations. This is an exciting time in women’s health. While there is still substantial need for more products and services designed for women 40-plus, we have seen expansion and technological growth. I can’t wait to see what companies participating in the pitch competition are designing and how they will impact women’s Healthtech and wellbeing,” says Sheila Collins, Senior Advisor, Startup Programming, AARP Innovation Labs. Concludes Pines, “With Keiretsu and AARP Innovation Labs as our collaborators, these innovators have a unique opportunity to take their product ideas from concept to market.”

“The opportunity for growth in the FemAging market is explosive, and Keiretsu is interested in identifying innovations in this area,” adds Connie Harrell, Regional President, Keiretsu Forum SoCal. “We’re excited to partner with the FemAging Project to help launch much needed products and services to this business sector.”

To register and apply for FemAging Era and Fast Pitch Competition please visit

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Editor’s Note: Denise Pines and Fard Johnmar, co-founder of the FemAging Project, are available for interviews. Please contact Ginger Campbell at 323.933.4155/213.760.7414 (cell) or [email protected] for more information.

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