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Celebs Who Let Huge Secrets Slip On Live TV

Even if they remind themselves over-and-over what they’re going to say on live TV, celebrities can still make mistakes and spill a serious secret. Some have revealed something they didn’t mean to when their nerves got the best of them, while others have gotten so relaxed on a talk show that they forgot millions of people were watching, but all of these celebrities made headlines with their revelations. From the Avengers star who accidentally spoiled his upcoming superhero movie to the Game of Thrones actor who gave away more than he realized, let’s take a look at some celebrities who let huge secrets slip on live TV.

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Ian McShane lets the Hound out | 0:00
Tiffany outs Jonathan Knight | 1:05
John Boyega is speechless | 2:04
Beyonce unveils her bump | 2:53
Wolf Blitzer pops the Balloon Boy story | 3:32
Dylan O’Brien loots sacred grounds | 4:45
Courtney Love’s warning about Weinstein | 5:41
Charlie Sheen reveals his HIV secret | 6:30
Cardi B follows the Queen B | 7:29
Mark Ruffalo spoils Infinity War | 8:25
Britney’s live blunder was that innocent | 9:11
Tom Hanks gives big thanks | 10:32

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