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It’s National Nurses Week and Your 3-Minute Post on THE NURSES WALL Honors the World’s 20+ Million Unsung Hero Nurses

It’s built – Come fill it!

THE NURSES WALL -- a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s 20+ million frontline hero nurses and .memorializing the 3,000+ nurses who died fighting Covid-19


Pamela Jane Nye, CEO/Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd; Founder/CEO/Exec. Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc. nonprofit; aka: "The Vaccinator"

Pamela Jane Nye, CEO/Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd; Founder/CEO/Exec. Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc. nonprofit; aka: “The Vaccinator”

Operation Scrubs honors nurses - Covid 19's unsung frontline heroes.

“Save one person you’re a hero; Save hundreds of people, you’re a nurse!

Tuition Free Nurse Education / Positive Nurse Advocacy / Advanced Education Scholarships for Working Nurses

It’s free. Takes very little time. Yet to nurses, their perceived value of your brief ‘thank you’ message posting on THE NURSES WALL is priceless!

There’s no cost to participate. It takes very little time. And to the world’s 20+ million nurses, the perceived value of THE NURSES WALL message postings are priceless. Why would anyone say no?”

— Pamela Jane Nye

PACIFIC PALISADES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2022 / — Inspired and developed in 2019, THE NURSES WALL is a virtual gift created for people to share their appreciation for the world’s 20+ million unsung hero nurses with simple, ‘thank you’ message postings. The plan was to present this gift during 2020’s “Year of the Nurse” celebration.

Covid-19 stole that celebration while, at the same time, ironically creating a bright revealing spotlight that brought unprecedented public and media focus upon frontline, Covid battling nurses.

While there are many stories — some unbelievable and shocking — behind Operation Scrubs and THE NURSE WALL gift, what’s immediately relevant is THE NURSES WALL was built, tested, and is now ready and capable of accepting millions of nurse-appreciative message postings during this current May 6-12 National Nurses Week celebration. The link/website address where nurse-appreciative messages can now become part of this historic nurse-thanking mission is

Noteworthy and addressed by THE NURSES WALL creator, Pamela Jane Nye is, “There’s no commercial advertising or sponsorship involved with this mission. Operation Scrubs staff and I are all volunteers. And to the world’s 20+ million nurses, the perceived value of your message postings is priceless. So why would anyone say no?”

How many postings does Nye anticipate? What if the number is significantly less? And what’s Nye’s minimum expectation?

“Once you know and recognize how few people or companies it takes to communicate with and recruit a billion people,” Nye explains, “simple math tells you the message posting goal that would be great to achieve is not only possible, it’s predictable. Billion is also an attention-getting number.

For the nurses, however, it’s not about specific numbers. It’s about people, however many or few, who cared enough to give their time to say ‘thank you’ which alone is an infinite gift for all nurses to read and enjoy.

Minimum expectation? I know there are 250+ million adults in America and 4+ billion globally. Given there are 20+ million registered nurses and midwives worldwide, as a nurse, I believe any nurse would be excited and overwhelmed knowing THE NURSES WALL contained postings that equal or exceed the total number of the world’s registered nurse population.”

During National Nurses Week, Nye’s available for phone, Zoom, and in-person interview meetings. For time availability, contact Chuck Foster at 424.781.9700 or by email at

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