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McCarter Examines Moms Increasing Presence on TikTok at M2Moms®

Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO, Marketing to Mums

More than one in four TikTok users is a mom

What the new TikTok data really shows is the platform’s marketing to moms potential.”

— Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / — In a wide-ranging M2Moms® article, global marketer Katrina McCarter examines the growing participation by mothers on the social media platform TikTok. McCarter is the founder of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy, and Partnership Mastery, where she helps brands identify and negotiate meaningful, strategic partnerships. McCarter explained, “My attention was caught when TikTok published insights that showed a new type of TikTok influencer is emerging, more than one in four TikTok users is a mother.” The new article is available on M2Moms® an online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers deliver better results with today’s moms and families.

McCarter said, “I found the new data very interesting, given TikTok’s famous youth appeal. The full picture is even more so: TikTok has more female users than male and a broader user spectrum than you might imagine. So, what the data showcases is the platform’s marketing to moms potential, thanks to the app now reaching an older, more influential (and wealthier) audience. For instance, last Mother’s Day TikTok surveyed users, asking them which products moms were looking for on the platform. Top of the list was vacations, followed by jewelry, handbags, cars and sunglasses.”

“The other insight I found interesting from a marketing to moms perspective is that TikTok also says mothers on the platform are heavy mobile phone users: They’re more likely to see content through a phone screen, and they often discover brands through social media. Marketers should take notice and reach them with immersive advertising in mobile-first environments for maximum impact.”

In addition to Marketing to Mums and Partnership Mastery, McCarter is a best-selling author, podcast host and board advisor. She is a frequent contributor to M2Moms® and a past winner of M2Moms® best speaker award.

Nan McCann, M2Moms® producer said, “Katrina is one of our most respected contributors. She is passionate about helping brand marketing executives build better business with moms and women. Over the years both on-stage and in her books and articles Katrina has attracted a global following for her advice and expertise.”

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