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Spiritual Guide Book Depicts Author’s Triumph Over Life’s Adversities

Refreshed In His Spirit

Stephanie Gurley shows how she became “Refreshed In His Spirit”

UNITED STATES, March 15, 2022 / — Stephanie Gurley hopes to inspire others who may be suffering and encourage them to grow and walk the path of Christ, to follow the calling of the Lord. This is why she bares her heart and soul with her spiritual guide book and memoir that details how she turned her life around and survived a life threatening brain tumor to become “Refreshed in His Spirit.”

Living what she calls a self-absorbed life, Gurley was pursuing her dreams while balancing it with being a wife and a mother. Then when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, her dream was simply to survive that ordeal. During this dark time, she describes how God offered her the ultimate race to run, one where she had to outpace her own insecurity, wounds and fears. Beyond the finishing line was the prospect of spiritual transformation, where her prideful and hardened heart would be turned into moldable clay suitable for a new Christian life.

With her narrative, she shows how she was longing for the Word of the Lord and the lessons it offered, and how she ultimately sated that longing and became spiritually refreshed. This growth and development of her Christian life would lead her to write this book, a testimony of her struggles and her triumph through the Lord. In the pages of Gurley’s book, she shows readers what God showed her, detailing every step of her spiritual walk so that they may be guided in their own journeys.

“It is by no accident this book has touched your hands; I pray dear one that you find joy, love and encouragement through my journey. May you always choose joy and life over self! Live to the fullest every moment, everyday. Walk with God, dear!” Gurley says.

About the Author

Stephanie Gurley is an inspirational public speaker and a brain tumor survivor who shares her story to encourage others to live life to the fullest. A devoted wife, mother and grandmother she also works with those with special needs as a water safety instructor. She and her husband run a business and ranch cattle.

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This news story originally appeared at Media - Trend Magazine on 16 March 2022