Adria Jenee – Singer/Songwriter

Adria Jenee. Photography Mei-Lin.

This twenty year old songstress says she has been interested in music since she was eleven.

“I wanted to do it since I was 11. Which was when I started writing and I told my parents I wanted a guitar. I had never played it before, but I wanted the guitar. I taught myself the guitar, but I was too shy to actually go out there and connect with people involved in music, I was too scared.”

She says she got noticed on YouTube at age 14, “I posted something on YouTube when I was 14 at it got noticed by some guys who are in the music industry here – S Types music group (Stereotype Music Group). They saw my original song that I had posted on YouTube and they told me to take it down because of copyright reasons. Then they just snatched me up and said we have to record this, do some tracks with you and that’s when I got into it. I was still in school but I wanted to do music professionally.”

Adria talks about a recently released a single, “Fall in Love”, that she made with Christopher “Sketch” Carey.

“Sketch and I met years back when I got in touch with the guys in S-Type. We met on a music video set but we never got the chance to work together, but we always said that we would. Then he called me and told me that he is back in town and he had a few tracks that he would like to collaborate on.

We got into the studio, and he is literally in the process of making the beat and I’m just giving a little bit of input and right there the hit was made in that same day.

Within hours it was done. So yeah, it was really easy.”

NW: I see the single on Sound Cloud, where else is it? It seems to be getting some good feedback.
A: Yeah, Sound Cloud ah, it’s actually the one single

(“Fall in Love”- that I’ve posted that is getting the most feedback and I think it has to do with the fact that Sketch is already out there, he has a name for himself and I’m still kind of ‘up and coming, but he has his fan base. He has been sharing it, I’ve been sharing it and it’s gotten a lot of positive results. So, I’m excited about it.

NW: The lyrics, did you and Sketch do the lyrics the same day?
A: Yes, and most of it are my lyrics. It wasn’t something I was too excited to run and tell my mom or my dad, because of the content (giggles) so I was pleasantly surprised that they both like it.

NW: Do you get a lot of support from your parents when it comes to your music?
A: Yeah, I do, I do. I get a lot of support especially from my mom because she wanted to pursue music when she was younger, but she never really got the chance to and she never pushed me into it either. She felt like if she pushed me, I would just turn away from it, but I love it! She just wants me to do whatever it is that I love and she supports me in that.

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