Alicia Keys Live at Atlantis

Alicia Keys Live Atlantis
photo: Nu Woman

I knew that Alicia Keys was coming to town months in advance and was busy trying to acquire press passes from the PR team at the Atlantis. As a precaution, I purchased one ticket, just in case I was unable to get the required passes. I heard that this concert would be sold out soon and got an inside hint that press passes might be ‘far and few between’.

 As it turned out, I was unable to get the required passes. Very disappointing. However, Nu Woman would be privy to ‘press materials’. So, I was left with the one ticket. I knew I was going, and was hoping to be able to get some footage of the event, so I got dressed and headed out.

On entering the area close to the ballroom, I spotted trouble. I was asked to turn in my Nikon D 3100 equipped with microphone and zoom lens only to be left with a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy) that I had recently purchased. I would have had to make this work.

Even though the concert started a few minutes late, Alicia Keys did not disappoint! Then, it was one song after the other, and the audience was fully engaged! The awesome stage lighting impressed me and the actual performance was fabulous! “This Girl Was On Fire”!


Would I do it again? Absolutely! But, next time from a better vantage point.

See some photos below from Alicia Keys ‘Set the World on Fire Tour’.

See audience participation video (recorded on my Samsung from far, far away J).

  1. “NYC and AC!!! I’ll never forget the love you gave me!!! I’m soaring from it!! Blessings and love!! We’ll see you tonight DC!!!”

Newark was amazing Monday night!!! After the show I performed a midnight backstage session for some of my fam, sponsored by BlackBerry!

“Getting my practice on for the Miami show on Egypt’s drum set!!! MIA here we come!!! ;-)”

Photo credits:

  1. Opening photo: Nu Woman
  2. Photo at the piano:
  3. “Set the World on Fire” tour photos from Alicia Key’s page.

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