August | 2012

(Black King)

The love I have for you

Comes from my core

The kind of love

That makes me

Want to give everything

And more.

I want to show you

Not just with words

But with my actions

I want to be there

In every way

Even when you’re having a bad day


The good times seem

To have faded away

I want to encourage & support you

In ways you can’t understand

I want you to know

That I am your biggest fan

Your dreams & goals

Are very important to me

My ultimate goal

Is only for you to be



Don’t ever think I’m here because of your pay

Because if you ever fell off

I got your back


Wouldn’t mind picking up the slack

Still allowing you to be the man

Cause I know

You’ve got bigger things planned

I want to cook for you, feed you

And run your bath water at night

And when you confide in me about your day

 I’ll rub your feet


Let you know

Everything’s going to be alright.

I want you to know I value your opinion

And when you ask me to do something

I will listen

Because I know, you love me


You’re only looking out

For my best interest.

This is how I will love you

My beautiful black African king

That they always seem to put down

Always saying

You’re nothing


Whispering about how much

You get around

They always seem to

Celebrate your faults


I’m here to tell you

I love you

Despite your faults

I know you will always

Land on solid ground

With (me)

Your woman

By your side





By Ontahya Ross

© Nu Woman Magazine 2012.

This poem was featured in Nu Woman’s Spring/Summer 2012 issue 

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