Green Earth Festival took place 22nd June, 2014 at The Retreat Village road. Many came out in support of this initiative and Nu Woman was there to capture a bit of it.

“The reasons to Go Green are as diverse, simple and yet as complex as existence itself. But they are all critically important, To me, simply put going green is about going back to the source or back to nature,” say Aisha one of the co-founders of Green Earth Festival (Bahamas)

Rhonda Wright and Aisha Nesut Ani are the head Naturals of Green Earth Festival. Read their full story here – Green Earth Festival, the Women Behind the Brand.

A few images from Green Earth Festival 2014.

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Color, vibrancy, style and my favorite – fashion were all on display for the Fashion For A Cause 2014 event! Performances, cast members, costumes, music and lights united to create the perfect ambiance to usher in Spring and Summer!

Images by Barry Williams Photography

The Fashion For A Cause committee, led by former “Mr. Bahamas” Kendrick Kemp, continued its movement in raising funds for the promotion of AIDS Awareness, while stressing the importance of knowing one’s status. Nothing gets you prepared for a great show like having fashion’s best lining the runway. From stylists such as Kedar in Style to the ever-so-trendy Loretta Butler-Turner, this year’s Fashion For A Cause event brought out the very best.

The set was mystical and tropical with great lighting and a collection that featured runway pieces from Bahamian designers Tanya Saunders, H & M, His Fashion, Lumaris Coutur, ORICO, The Sports Center, Del Mare, and parke and ronen, all of whom captured the feisty personality and glow of Spring and Summer.

The modern show featured upbeat dynamic pieces but also included fashion classics like the flirty skirts, laced short-shorts and a touch of Bahamian flare. The looks then transitioned into more sultry and dark pieces which included a Fashionista’s favorite: a tiny leather skirt, paired with a top that was made of over fifty shades of gray (no pun intended)!

Images by Barry Williams Photography

Noteworthy trends: combination of sexy, trendy and sporty

Designers pulled together ensembles that began with yellow sequin tops and ended with the perfect sequin pant. This look was completed with the right heel for anyone trying to achieve the “look” of greatness! A tribal legging paired with a solid peplum top quickly became my first choice for the ideal island date night, with a pastel yellow buttoned-down blouse paired with the peach Georgia hot-pants closely following.

The synergy that the stylists created using various designer pieces was brilliant! Silhouettes were understated with sleeveless pieces but also made statements with long-sleeve pieces and all were topped off with just a hint of movement and of course a pop of color.

It’s no small task fueling creative movements that encourage positive change, but Kendrick Kemp manages to do this every year through the Fashion For A Cause charity event. Along with a good show, Kendrick never forgets to squeeze in well-needed knowledge and education into the program. Attendees leave thinking about AIDS Awareness and the beauty of fashion.

Photography: Barry Williams

Article by Keiani Worrell.

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