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Face of Grenada winner, Tiffany Evans says she has always been interested in modeling and pageantry and took advantage of the opportunity to audition for Face of Grenada.

“This decision wasn’t based solely on the modeling aspect of the competition, it was partially due to the purpose behind the competition; bringing awareness to Grenada’s Marine Protected Areas as the theme was “Promoting Marine Protected Areas and Healthy Coastal Communities in Grenada.”

Tiffany is wearing a black sea urchin inspired dress, designed and made by Kara Benjamin

She describes the experience as both a learning one and an exciting and fun extracurricular activity.

Tiffany reveals that there were many challenges throughout: sponsorship was difficult and she became very frustrated in the early stages of the competition.

“My confidence wavered during some photo-shoots and practice sessions. Ultimately, I overcame everything and was victorious.”

Tiffany talks about her platform ‘Establishing a Culinary Market to control the Evasive Lionfish’ and discusses what led her to choose this topic.

“I am very passionate about the environment, especially aspects that relate to marine ecosystems. Last year, I volunteered at a summer-camp that was held by the Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. While at the summer-camp I learnt a lot about the Lionfish and the devastation it was causing to our Coral Reefs. I became very intrigued by the creature and as a result, I thought it best to focus on an area I was knowledgeable and ardent about.

Photography by Shoulan Carter.

Progress is slow; I am still in the planning stage. However, I am certain that all, if not most, of the ideas I have outlined in my proposal will become a reality.”

She also discusses some valuable lessons learned, mainly the importance of cooperation, patience, humility and diplomacy stating that these allowed her ‘to coexist in the “cut-throat”, competitive environment’ and these lessons she says, she will take with her.

Tiffany says that despite everything, her life basically remains the same, with the only major change being the attention she receives from the public.

“Every time I am out I always get referred to as “Ms. FOG” or “the girl who won that show”. Apart from that, I occasionally receive messages via social media or comments in person saying that I’ve inspired them to pursue modeling, pageantry and even to continue their education!”

She says that “Face of Grenada” is not a regular beauty pageant and goes into details to explain why.

“The competition is dubbed “Beauty with a Purpose” and the organizers of the show seek to showcase beauty, fashion and modeling while shedding light on issues that our society is faced with. Yes, some may say beauty pageants are just like that, but I disagree.

The competition places heavy focus on fierceness, fashion and the ability to stand out in your runway walk rather than the bouncy, smiley and upbeat attitudes pageants girls portray. Apart from that, the show is set up with the competitive photo-shoots prior to the finale. The points from the shoots are awarded and used for the runway finale.

Colourful kivan by Kim Francis Designs.

I think of Face of Grenada as a modeling competition and not a beauty pageant. Each girl brings something unique. Their own ideas, styles and personalities come out in their photo-shoots and designs they come up with for the various categories of the show.”

When asked what advice she would give to upcoming contestants she stresses the importance of practicing.

“Practice, practice, practice! Practice your runway walk, different poses and facial expressions as well as public speaking skills. Once you’ve mastered most of these the competition would be easier for you and you can place more focus on the outfits that you would need to come up with for the finale.”

Tiffany also discusses her short and long-term goals.

“My short-term goals are to continue working on my platform, ensuring that everything I set out to do happens and to maintain excellent grades for the semester at school. My long terms goals are to graduate with an exceptional GPA, gain more exposure into the world of modeling, travel and inspire other young women to live their dreams. We can have it all with hard work and dedication.”

Tiffany Evans wearing avande garde dress by Kay Benjamin. Photography: Shoulan Carter.

When asked ‘what makes a woman beautiful?’ Here is Tiffany’s answer.

“There are many things that make a woman beautiful. I’m sure everyone has his or her perception of what beauty is, or what makes a woman beautiful. I think that beauty is often misinterpreted as just one’s physical appearance rather than the qualities and attributes a woman possesses that makes her physically attractive to anyone, not only a man. Confidence, humility, diplomacy, integrity, compassion, intelligence and drive are some qualities a woman should have. Those, among others, would allow her to shine and be beautiful in the eyes of anyone she comes in contact with.”

Tiffany also walked away with additional wins – Best Cultural Wear, Best Introduction, Best Evening Wear and Best Platform Speech.

Photography by Shoulan Carter

The avante garde outfit Tiffany is wearing is inspired by a black sea urchin and is designed and made by Kara (Kay) Benjamin (3rd runner up of FOG). 

Colourful Kivan by Kim Francis.

Face of Grenada (FOG) collaborated with the Grenada Fisheries Division in 2015 in the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas Networks’ (ECMMAN),’This is Who We Are’ campaign. The campaign facilitates environmental education and awareness through innovative mediums such as high impact videos, environmental theater productions, radio programs, fun fairs, mascots, and photography and art competitions, among others to understand the profound impact that our daily activities or practices may have on water quality and ocean health.

Tiffany Evans along with Adonna Campbell (first runner up) and Kara Benjamin (third runner up).

The campaign contributes to the ECMMAN objective to ‘strengthen the capacity of adaptive management of marine protected areas in Grenada with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness and impact on the livelihood of coastal communities, as well as on biological diversity and ecosystem services’ by building awareness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) particularly through support the establishment of a new MPA in Grand Anse.

Tiffany Evans by Shoulan Carter.

Under the FOG 2015 theme “Promoting Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Healthy Coastal Communities in Grenada.” The producers of FOG partnered with the Grenada Marine Protected Areas Network team to conduct a series of photo shoots, which were held in various Marine Protected Areas throughout the island of Grenada. To see a sample of these photos you can visit-

From left to right: Adonna Campbell, Tiffany Evans and Kara Benjamin.

Emerging victorious after the FOG finale on Saturday June 13th, 2015 was 21-year-old Tiffany Evans. Tiffany, as the reigning Face of Grenada, won a number of prizes that one can only describe as exceptional. Granted by the Grenada, Ministry of Education, she will be received a full scholarship to pursue her undergraduate degree within the St. George’s University, School of Arts and Sciences Department. She will also be receiving a small grant for a project based on her platform topic which is “Establishing a Culinary Market for the Invasive Lionfish”. She will be the first Grenadian to be featured on the cover and inside pages of Caribbean POSH Magazine. She will also receive a feature with Potent Magazine, a trip to Trinidad to participate in San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad 2016, $2,500 cash prize and many other sponsored prizes. Part of her prize was also receiving this special feature with Nu Woman Magazine.

Tiffany Evans photographed by Shoulan Carter.

The partnership between Face of Grenada and the Grenada Fisheries Division allowed for an innovative way to disseminate information about marine protected areas through the FOG model photography competition, fashion finale and fashion magazines such as Nu Woman Magazine and POSH Caribbean Magazine, avenues that would have otherwise been unavailable to the Fisheries Division.

In this photo, Tiffany Evans along with Adonna Campbell (first runner up) and Kara Benjamin (third runner up), sport a ‘this is who we are’ promotional t-shirt, on the MPA yacht of the Grenada Marine Protected Areas Network within the Molinere/Beausejour MPA , specifically the lovely Dragon Bay in St. George’s.

Face of Grenada founder and director, Roxanne Graham stated that, “It is our hope that these special features aid in the promotion of knowledge of marine protected areas and marine resources, and that people are made more aware of how much we both depend on and impact the sea.”

Photography by Shoulan Carter.

Tiffany with Grenada Marine Protected Areas network representatives. Tiffany with Ezra Campbell, chief coordinator for FOG and in country coordinator for ECMMAN project.