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Diverse backgrounds, varying business styles, different skills and experiences – yet ONE SHARED PASSION! Purpose Driven; Community Minded; Wellness Advocates – these are just a few words used to describe this visionary and dynamic duo: Rhonda Wright and Aisha Nesut Ani. These two women were not brought together by chance or happenstance, instead they were strategically united to take a lead role both locally and internationally in shaping, educating, and directing persons on their journey to happier, healthier, more well balanced and harmonic lifestyles.

This union and partnership is birthing a brand new company called NaturaLife – The Whole Life Company. It is a Caribbean based health, wellness and lifestyle company spearheaded by the two HNIC’s (Head Naturals In Charge), Rhonda and Aisha, both of whom are committed to making this company a global success. “When we were thinking of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it, it was very difficult to narrow in on one particular thing. If you understand wellness, you get the relationship between all things. To offer a solution to one problem while neglecting another can still lend to a stressful situation. We knew our ultimate goal had to be servicing the whole being, the whole life”, says Aisha.

Entrepreneur Rhonda is also a Certified Kemetic Yoga Basu instructor, Certified Vegan Chef, a long standing community wellness advocate, and a school administrator. She puts her family life first, as she is a wife and mother of three, but balances these roles with her grounding passion for wellness, nature and life. In 2007, she formed the company SEEDlings’ Place – now a part of the NaturaLife family, which has become well known in the community among circles of individuals and families seeking support and information about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Also a mother of three, Aisha Nesut Ani is a Certified Holistic Wellness and Nutritional Coach and a Certified Reiki Shoden Practitioner. She has spent the last few years engrossed in the ins and outs of converting to a lifestyle that supports the environment, longevity and overall wellness.

These two soul sisters have harnessed their desire for positive change and green living to create a new company for the whole family, designed to support every aspect of developing and maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy, balanced and progressive. Aisha shares, “As a mother, one of the most important things for me is to create a business that has integrity, purpose and value; one whose legacy will stand generations after I have gone on.… knowing that I have built something my children can be proud of. I want to invest my time and skills into shaping a company whose main goal is to assist with offering solutions to the many factors that create imbalance in our lives.” She continues to speak about how fortunate she has been to have crossed paths with such an incredible, all around woman whom she’s landed as her business partner. Rhonda adds, “It is one of my greatest joys and satisfactions to be in a position to assist persons with their journey to wellness both personally and professionally. Each time I look into the face of my children, I re-dedicate myself to this work. It is a natural extension of my lifestyle. Having been led to partner with such a phenomenal woman whose passion and work ethics match mine is truly a blessing. With her at my side we are destined for greatness! Serving The Whole Person is our mandate, and we will work tirelessly to accomplish this.”

At present, the Head Naturals are burning the midnight oil working out details for the 4th Annual Green Earth Festival – Living the Way Nature Intended.Originally launched under SEEDlings’ Place, the festival showcases various exhibitors, professionals, services, products, and so on, in numerous “green” categories including healthy, holistic, natural, vegan, vegetarian, hand-made, home-made, organic, eclectic, cultural, eco-friendly, animal friendly, sustainable and more – there is something for every member of the family. This year, the festival returns to its home grounds of The Retreat Gardens, Village Road onSunday, June 22, 2014 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Bahamas National Trust (BNT), an NGO whose mission is topreserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas, has partnered with Green Earth Festival to assist with developing and expanding the event. “I trust that this will grow to be something big and phenomenal, like a lot of the other major festivals around the country”, says Eric Carey, Director of BNT. “We want to hopefully grow this festival to where there will be showcases of green technology. As far as we’re concerned, we think this is the perfect fit.”

This year promises to exceed the expectations of those who have come before, and it promises to leave first time attendees with enough tools and fire to continue or begin their GREEN journeys. With lots of entertainment planned: our NaturaLife Kids Camp, demos, speakers, DIYs, nature trails, food, music, the Head Naturals themselves, and much more, the day will undoubtedly be filled with non-stop fun, enjoyment, interaction and sharing. There’s a special treat planned this year for the “Natural Sistahs” called Natural Hair Affair!We guarantee all of our naturals will want to be there.

Rhonda and Aisha can be found on Facebook under “Green Earth Festival – Living The Way Nature Intended” or on “NaturaLife – The Whole Life Company”. Rhonda notes, “There’s information on both pages that will tell you more about Green Earth Festival, Natural Hair Affair and other seeds we’re planting. If you’re interested in getting involved in the festival, the lifestyle or even the business, connect with us. We are all about partnership and teamwork. This is not just about Aisha and I, this is about all of us.”

Anyone who knows these HNICs, knows that there is a certain level of excellence that shines through in whatever task or duty they assume. These ladies are driven and are excited to serve their communities and global family.

Contact them at 242 698 2755, 242 376 1213or954 228 9970. Email:[email protected] find them on social media.

Green Earth Festival- Sunday June 22nd, 2014 from 12pm-8pm.

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