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Analicia is the New ‘It Girl’

By Erica Meus-Saunders

Analicia Thompson cover model Nu Woman’s January 2013 issue. Photo.Barry Williams

Analicia has been modeling for less than a year and is creating quite a buzz. She describes herself as a ‘rookie’ in the business. Yet, this ‘rookie’ received the attention of a Ford Model scout during the Miss Bahamas competition where she placed as 1st runner-up. She has been photographed by major Bahamian photographers, has received a New York contract with Profiles 98, and is currently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she is putting her language skills to work. Several months back I got ‘Grace Jones’ inspired and the concept for the next cover shoot was forming in my mind. I wanted a model that could bring this concept to life and asked our creative director for some feedback. He showed me pictures of several models, but when I saw Analicia in an older photograph that he had taken, the ‘deal was sealed’. We began planning a shoot with her immediately. Before shooting I needed to find out more about the model and asked her some candid questions.

 Full name: Analicia Lynette Thompson
Age: 23
Occupation: Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hobbies: Traveling, Trying New Cuisine, Running Marathons, Watching Documentaries, Buying Shoes

Nu Woman: What made you decide to enter the Miss Bahamas Double Crown Pageant?

Analicia: It was almost like destiny, to be honest, as I never was particularly interested in pageants growing up. I was not an extrovert; in actuality, I was really shy most of the time, and I cringed rather than craved a lot of attention.  I guess I changed a great deal after college. I returned home and I had some time to work on myself. I started going to the gym and eating healthier, and it really allowed for getting in touch with my more “feminine” side. One night, I viewed a re-run of last year’s pageant on television, and I thought, hmm I could do that, but I didn’t seriously consider it until I was invited to an informative meeting regarding entering. I thought if persons on the pageant committee could see the potential in me, then maybe I did ‘have what it takes’. Plus, in my utter naivety at the time, I thought, ‘How hard could it be?’

Nu Woman: How would you describe that experience? Did you expect to walk away with the crown?

Analicia: Participating in the pageant to me was like enlisting in the military, because it broke me down on all fronts: physically, mentally and emotionally; and then re-built me into a Pageant Superwoman of some sorts. My life was no longer my own; I lived, slept, ate and thought about the pageant all the time. It was a unique experience that is almost impossible to describe because simultaneously I had a roller coaster of emotions going through me all at once: fear, excitement, anxiety, disappointment, relief. Overall though, I can definitely say that it was worth the time and effort because it made me a stronger individual.

In hindsight, I really did not know what to expect. I had never attended any of the events in the past, or followed pageants that closely, so I was basically ‘walking in the dark’. I just knew that there was a reason why I was meant to be there and to go through the experience.  I had an epiphany during the finale show, just after we answered our final question. I had a moment to think backstage and it dawned on me that no matter what happened I gave every ounce of me I possibly could. Win or lose, I had a family that was already proud of what I had already accomplished and a world of opportunities waiting. That realization definitely helped counteract the pang of disappointment I felt when I heard my name called for 1st runner up, but I knew in time I would be ok. I assured myself that there was something bigger than the crown out there waiting for me; I just hadn’t gotten to it yet.

NW: What did you learn from the whole experience?

Analicia: One thing I took away, which was probably the most valuable, was that if I put my mind to something, anything is possible. If anyone had asked me at the beginning of 2011 if I wanted to participate in a pageant, I would have thought, “ This person must be joking or clearly does not know me”, but what this experience has taught me was that I didn’t really know myself and what I was capable of. I went into the competition with a few misguided notions like pageantry is only about looks and very superficial, but it is so much deeper than that. I am happy that I was able to see beyond the surface-level and truly embrace what pageantry is all about, and it has helped me to refrain from judging things at face value too quickly.

Analicia by Barry Williams

NW: How long have you been modeling?

Analicia: I have been modeling for just under a year, 10 months to be exact.

NW: What was Fash/Art like?

Analicia: Fash/Art was definitely a much needed experience for me. I think after the pageant, a lot of people assumed that I had been modeling for years because of my “look”, when in actuality I am a rookie. So the workshops that were provided gave me crucial insight into the fashion industry and helped me broaden my insight as to whether modeling is right for me or not.

NW: Do you plan to pursue modeling full-time?

Analicia: For right now, I’m not really in the position to pursue modeling full-time. I just recently got into it, so I’m still exploring my options in terms of how far it can take me, while keeping my other long-term goals in focus. Right now I am just enjoying the novelty of my new interest.

NW: Tell us about the ‘new look’. What brought about the change?

Analicia: Well it was almost spontaneous, really. After the pageant, there was still a lot of buzz going on, and I was just ready to move on to the next challenge. I wanted a change that would give me a boost to start fresh, and since I had never done a short look before, I thought I might as well go all in and do something no one would expect, not even myself. Also, because there was a new focus, I got less of the “how do you feel about the pageant” type questions, so it helped me move away from the pageant look and embrace my modeling side.

NW: Are you excited about the cover concept?

Analicia: Most definitely. This is my first cover shoot, so the fact alone that I’m going to be on a cover of a magazine is bananas to me. I absolutely can relate to the futuristic theme, because I am optimistic and excited for what lies ahead and ready to leave all things of the past behind. Also, I really enjoy photo shoots with a more edgy feel and vibe because it is more challenging to me and really pushes me to be creative and inspirational in front of the camera.

NW: Are you a Grace Jones fan?

Analicia: Grace Jones has always been an inspiration to me, even outside of her modeling career. I love that she fully embraces who she is and does not allow anyone to change her style. To me, she is a true representation of embracing who you are on the inside and outside, plus she has a personality, facial features and a body to die for, and I love the fact that she is still performing well into her senior years.

NW: Tell us about your recent trip to the Dominican Republic with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What was the whole experience like?

Analicia: I was selected as a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accompany a Bahamian Delegation to the Dominican Republic to discuss Illegal Fishing in The Bahamas by Dominican nationals. Given that I am fluent in Spanish, it was a great opportunity to use my language skills.  I was even put on the spot to provide translations for a meeting and press conference at the President of the Dominican Republic’s residence. It was the first time I had to do something so important, and I was happy that I was able to execute my job without succumbing to the pressure of speaking a non-native language in a room full of foreign diplomats and media press.

NW: What are your immediate goals? Where would you like to be in five years?

Analicia: Right now, I would like to continue building my professional and modeling career. In five years,  I hope to be in the process of attaining or fully completing my Master’s degree in International Relations, which would assist me in establishing my own business one day. No matter what happens, I intended to utilize every opportunity that I am given, and most importantly, live life to the fullest.

After the shoot I sent her a few more questions, which revealed a bit more about this up and coming young lady whose star is on the rise.

NW: How do you stay in shape?

Analicia: I enjoy working out in the gym, so I try to go at least four times a week. I love running because it gives me time to clear my head, but I’m always looking for new exercises to try out so I don’t get bored with the same routine.

NW: What would you say is your best physical attribute?

Analicia: My eyes are my best physical attribute; not because I like them the most, but it is the part of my body most people tend to remember or notice. Over the years, I have gotten positive and negative comments on them, but overall, they definitely make me feel unique.

NW: Are you dating/single? How challenging is it being a model?

Analicia: I have been in a happy relationship for about a year now, and I feel lucky that I met my boyfriend before I started modeling, just because when guys see you as a model, it is hard to find one that is genuine in his intentions, and not just there for the hype or his own ego. I am comforted by the fact that I am dating someone who is not solely interested in me on a physical level, but values me intellectually as well.

NW: What is the best dating advice you can give?

Analicia: I think Maya Angelou said it best when she said “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I think as women, we often stay in relationships longer than we need to because we think we can change the man. I think, if he is consistently acting up at the beginning, it is unlikely things will get better later on; it is best to move on and see what else is out there.

NW: Even though you haven’t seen the cover up to this point, how was the entire shoot? Do think you brought the theme to life?

Analicia: I feel pretty confident that I captured the essence of Grace Jones, while still staying true to my own persona. The make-up and creative direction I had during the shoot were amazing, so I’m expecting nothing but fierceness from the cover picture.

Working through this shoot with Analicia was a breeze. She was professional and took direction well.

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