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It’s been Eight (8) years since the ‘Birth of Nu Woman’. To celebrate and show appreciation to our fans we have come up with a concept we know you will love.

Instead of our quarterly on-line publication, we will run a monthly newsletter starting in the month of March. Each “Nu Woman’s Nuzz Letter” will feature a unique story submitted by a woman of Caribbean descent. This individual does not necessarily have to be situated within the Caribbean presently, but having her roots as Caribbean is most important

Please send your stories to: [email protected] beginning February 15th, 2015. Each “Nuzz Letter” will be released on the 15th of each month beginning with the month of March.

500 – 800 words, 2 high quality images. Please restrict images to two (2). If we require more, we will let you know.

Rokara Hepburn
Photographed by Barry Williams for Nu Woman Magazine.

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