October | 2013

Angelique Sabrina. Photography: Barry Williams.
Wardrobe & styling: Theodore Elyett. Hair: Yashicka Carey. Make-up: Italia Williams. Angelique Sabrina is a rising pop star from The Bahamas who has been making waves on an international platform in the last few years. This 15-year old singer/performer has already been featured on MTV, Ryan, Sirius XM 20 on 20 and she is also the new spokesperson for Cable Bahamas Limited – the largest Cable network in the Bahamas. She is the second and youngest person ever to receive this honor.

Cable Bahamas is revamping their products and Angelique is a part of this new and revitalized initiative where she will be featured in numerous commercials. The first of these efforts was a short film released in July of this year with Angelique singing the Bahamas’ national anthem, “March On Bahamaland”, as part of the Bahamas’ 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Angelique talks about what making the March on Bahamaland video meant to her, saying, “I was very proud to be able to be a part of the ‘March On Bahamaland’ short film. It was a reintroduction of the national anthem to my generation. It was the first time the anthem was able to be done in a modern way that we can all relate to, but still keep the foundational feeling and purpose of the song itself. After watching the final shot, I felt strongly that it was something that would live for a long time in The Bahamas.”

This Nu Woman cover girl took some time during a recent shoot to answer some questions.

Nu Woman: What has this year been like for you?
Angelique Sabrina:
This year has been really, really busy. I have been doing so much traveling internationally and I’m sort of getting my name and music out there, abroad. Also, loads of performances, very busy. Of course I just had the signing with Cable Bahamas, which is the most recent thing that has happened.

NW: Was that a surprise for you?
Angelique Sabrina:
No, it wasn’t a surprise, I was aware of the whole discussion from beginning to end. But, I was glad that it was as successful as it is.

NW: So what are you doing exactly as the face/spokesperson of Cable Bahamas?
I am the face to help present the newer products that are being marketed to my generation, the younger generation and to give some insight where needed.

NW: You performed an original piece for Sir Sidney Poitier. What was that like?
AS: It was the most honoring and humbling experience of my entire life. A lot of my friends don’t know who he is, but I knew who he was before I was asked to perform for him. So I was in shock, I was honored. I had read his autobiography and so I was just really prepared to do something in honor of him as a kind of tribute to his life. I just didn’t want to go up there and sing “Pull Up” or “Stop Sign”. I wanted to sing to him and for him and about him.

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