September | 2013

Celine Dion, Love Me Back To Life cover

The Quebec diva is coming back for her throne! Listen now to the high-quality studio version of Celine Dion‘s brand new single, “Loved Me Back To Life“, the title track and first release off of her upcoming album (her first English language album since 2007’s ‘Taking Chances‘), due in stores on November 5. New single was written by Sia.

Loved it from the debut live performance, and loving it even more in studio! Also, the chorus of “Loved Me Back To Life” is simply EPIC. Sia did her usual quirky thing with the lyrics, and US production duo Sham & Motesart nailed it with this hyptonic beat. This song deserves to chart up high across the world. It’s only fair! This is Celine Dion music at its finest. Her voice..good God. Still killing it after all these years!