Tara Edward Miss St. Lucia 2012 & St. Lucia’s Miss Universe Representative

Tara Edward, Miss St. Lucia.
Barry Williams Photography

On our second day in St. Lucia the Nu Woman team ran intoTara Edward, or rather, was introduced to Tara through Delia Louis. Tara was very gracious and talked openly about her Miss Universe experience and what she was currently up to.

NW: So how was your Miss Universe experience?
It was a big change for me, I could say. Coming from a very small island and having that opportunity to represent the country on such a level, in such a high pageant. It was such an honour for me, although I had some difficulty due to the weather. I’m from the islands and I’m used to the sun. I think that was the only problem I had. I am very used to being on my own, I’m that kind of person. I’m very reserved and I can handle things on my own. It was not a problem for me getting to know the various girls and the different cultures. It was a very good experience and I would encourage anyone to participate and take the chance in representing their country.

The experience gave me another outlook on life. There is so much the world has to offer and being back home you don’t really see this, but when you go out into the world, you can see how much potential you really have and where you can go in your life by just really taking one trip.

NW: Was there any preparation leading up to the Miss Universe?
My preparation was very short but I did have some experience with modeling and being a model in St. Lucia. I think that gave me a little boost to go to Miss Universe, but apart from that, there was not much preparation. I changed my diet. Now, it’s a little healthier (I used to eat anything), but that was about it.

NW: Did you happen to meet Miss Bahamas?
I did happen to meet Miss Bahamas. She is a lovely person.

NW: You just participated in a show here called Hot Couture. What was that like?
It was a very good experience. It was very different from the fashion shows we have had before in that this has been the biggest one so far and I think we made a very good impression on St. Lucian models and on St. Lucia. Although, there was some difficulty and disagreement with the part where some of the guys wore lipstick (laughter)

NW: I saw that (more laughter)
But you have to understand the fashion industry. I think they were trying something different. But apart from that I think everybody did very well and together they worked very hard, especially Vincent Mc Doom. He worked very hard to put it all together. We had six weeks of training and that was a little difficult. I have been modeling for a while but I still had make some corrections to my walk, not major but a little. Getting constructive criticism just makes you a better person and that will help you go further.

Photo. Barry Williams

NW: What are you doing now?


Right now I’m just working as a skin technician and a makeup artist and I’m also going to school.

NW: What are you studying?
I’m studying Travel and Tourism Management because I think it’s a very good field to be in, especially being in the Caribbean and linked to the fact that Tourism is one of our major sources of income.

NW: What is a normal day like for you?
Well it really depends on what job you have and what kind of person you are. But for most persons it’s just work and I think a lot of young women are getting educated and going to school.

NW: How old are you?
I am 25 years old.

NW: Still young.
T: They always think I’m 20.

NW: You were telling me about everyday life…
A normal day, I would work 9 to 5 or 12pm to 8pm, and when I’m not at work I usually stay home. Then, I’m going to classes in the evening and when I’m not doing any of that I’m actually on the beach with my boyfriend or online chatting with my friends.

NW: So where do you see yourself in the next 2, 3, 4 years?
Well I definitely want to be out of St. Lucia. I want to be someone where I can actually grow, as I think staying home is not good enough for me. So, I see myself having my degree and probably working as a model in the US or Europe and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be a makeup artist.

NW: Okay sounds good, I wish you all the best.
Thank you.

NW: And I’m excited that you are going to shoot with us.
I’m excited too. I’m looking forward to that.