The Root Cause Project – a documentary film on the relationship with Black women and their hair.

Getting online funding/help for an event, medical assistance, education, non-profits and so on has become quite popular in the last few years. Crowdfunding sites like  and make it easy to ‘launch campaigns to bring products to life and make the impossible happen every day’.

The creators behind the documentary film “The Root Cause” has launched campaigns on both sites to gather financial support in making the film.
The film deals with the relationship between Black women (including women of mixed races) and their hair, and hopes to portray the deep emotional ties (struggles, acceptance etc.) that exist, as well as to educate and bring enlightenment on the subject. This is a project that I think many women can relate to on most levels.

‘The Root Cause’ will interview women around the globe (Bahamas, select US cities & Canada) and we will also be creating a forum online for submissions.

We are seeking funding for equipment (camera equipment, rental/purchase), to pay staff (video, editing etc), travel, insurance, post production and promotion (including funds for entries into film festival and so on).