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Goombay Summer Festival 2014. Valley Boys on Bay Street!

Junkanoo Summer Festival also known as “Junkanoo in June” and recently re-named “Goombay Summer” was recenlty moved to downtown Nassau. On the last night of the festival I ventured downtown and caught a piece of the Valley Boys in a performance on Bay Street. Nothing competes with the pure sounds of Junkanoo music! #JunkanooMusic “GoombaySummer “ValleyBoys #BayStreet #BahamasCarnival #NuWomanMagazine #NuWomanTV

Beyonce & Jay Z Release ‘Run’ Trailer!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have released a star-studded trailer for their upcoming “Run” tour. The video features: Sean PennDon CheadleGuillermo Díaz,Emmy RossumJake Gyllenhaal,Blake LivelyRashida Jones, andKidada Jones.