Fashion Meets Function: PGYTECH’s New Mirrorless Camera Bags, OneGo Cloud Bag & Drawstring Bag, Go Global

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Fashion Meets Function: PGYTECH’s New Mirrorless Camera Bags, OneGo Cloud Bag & Drawstring Bag, Go Global USA – English USA – English APAC – English

SHANGHAI, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Combining technological innovation with user-driven design, PGYTECH, one of the world’s leading brands in photography accessories, officially unveiled its new OneGo series of shoulder bags on November 20th. The series includes the Cloud Bag in two sizes (M and S), as well as the Drawstring Bag in Ivory White and Forest Green variants. The sleek and minimalist design language marks PGYTECH’s move toward a more mainstream and youthful audience, catering to the ever-changing market demands.

Precisely capturing market dynamics and crafting exceptional products with a user-driven approach, PGYTECH has shifted its focus. Previously, photography enthusiasts, predominantly male, prioritized storage and protective features when selecting camera gear bags. However, with an increasing number of female users entering the world of visual content creation, fashion and personal expression have become equally significant factors. The market lacked a product that seamlessly combines style with utility for mirrorless camera storage. Based on profound market insights and a user-centric brand philosophy, the release of the Cloud Bag & Drawstring Bag series addresses this gap for quality-conscious individuals and high-net-worth women. This transformation reflects PGYTECH’s acute market awareness and commitment to constant innovation.

With four different modes catering to various usage scenarios, the new OneGo camera bags are highly versatile. These modes include hand-carry, single-shoulder, packing-cube, and camera-strap modes, making the bags suitable for commuting, street photography, travel, and more. The internal design of the Cloud Bag & Drawstring Bag is ingeniously allowed for flexible and customized storage. The S variant offers a removable divider for flexible storage, while the M variant features a thick divider to securely separate the camera and lens, ensuring they are ready for use at any moment. An internal magnetic accessory pocket provides convenient storage for items like data cables, enhancing usability. Furthermore, multiple layers of reinforced padding effectively protect cameras and lenses. Notably, the Cloud Bag’s main body is made of eco-friendly ultra-fine leather material, which reduces energy consumption by 30% to 50% through the recycling of discarded footwear and plastics, resulting in reduced carbon emissions. Compared to traditional genuine leather, it boasts higher durability, tear resistance, water repellency, and resilience.

The newly released Cloud Bag M has an official price of $49.9, while the PGYTECH Cloud Bag S and various versions of the Drawstring Bag are priced at $45.9. With their current attributes and quality, these products cater to the vacant mid to high-end market segment. PGYTECH’s primary target markets for these new products are Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, with the goal of meeting the global demand of consumers.


Founded in 2015, PGYTECH strives to develop professional photography peripherals including camera bags, all-in-one camera kits and supports to deliver excellent products and aftersales service. PGYTECH is driven by technological innovation and, as of October 2023, has acquired over 150 patents, along with recognition from prestigious global awards like the Red Dot Award and IF Design Award, among others. After 8 years of steady growth, PGYTECH has emerged as one of the leading brands in global photography accessories, delivering more efficient and enjoyable shooting experiences to photography enthusiasts in over 100 countries and regions, which makes creation easier.

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