KIDILL SS24. Paris Fashion Week

KIDILL SS24. Paris Fashion Week

KIDILL SS24 Spring Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week.


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KIDILL Designer : Hiroaki Sueyasu

Through this SS24 presentation, Kidill demonstrates more than ever that punk is not an aesthetic but a way of being, and beyond that, a state of mind.

Hiroaki Sueyasu, Kidill's artistic director, expresses his determination to fight for his own freedom and throws the brand's future around the concept of the heretic, through 31 colorful, contrasting and dissident silhouettes. This collection takes a fresh creative approach to the idea.

Mr. Suesayu mixes visual inspirations from hardcore actors, partisans of anarchism, and London punk boys who cornered an insipid and heretical scene, and also satanism, which is graphically retranscribed on textiles and masks. 

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Kidill.

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