MycoWorks’ Reishi™ Debuts on the Runway in Deadwood Studios SS24 Collection

MycoWorks’ Reishi™ Debuts on the Runway in Deadwood Studios SS24 Collection

Reishi™ pieces designed by Deadwood Studios mark first application of the biomaterial in ready-to-wear design

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Biomaterials innovator MycoWorks debuted its first Made with Reishi™ ready-to-wear application at Copenhagen Fashion Week with the Stockholm-based brand Deadwood Studios. The collaboration is the first demonstration of Reishi™ Natural–MycoWorks’ one-of-a-kind material created with Fine Mycelium™– in clothing design, signaling the revolutionary biomaterial’s adoption by a new generation of designers.

Awestruck by the inherent variability of Reishi™, Deadwood Studios co-founders Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder began working with MycoWorks’ Product Development team for applications in ready-to-wear. “Every square centimeter of this material is a work of art itself, and Nature is the artist. I just love the raw quality of the surface with its organic formations of spots and specks. That’s what perfection looks like to me,” noted Felix von Bahder.

First partnering on a bespoke collaboration at Paris Fashion Week, the natural synergy of MycoWorks artistic ethos and focus on craftsmanship led to an expanded made-to-order four-piece collection now available for purchase through the Deadwood Studios website. “Reishi is a unique material to work with: supple but structured, its natural mycelial color and marbled detailing add a rawness unmatched with other fabrics on the market,” says Carl Ollson.”We have received a lot of interest in our capsule collection made with Reishi™ with many people asking us about the material and it has had a great sell-through.”

MycoWorks’ proprietary Fine Mycelium™ production process engineers mycelium in a controlled environment, allowing the roots to form interlocking cellular structures that form the building blocks of their materials, and specifically, beautiful sheets of Reishi™. The high-end biomaterial is currently the only leather alternative made from mycelium that meets the luxury industry’s performance standards and climate commitments, pairing high quality with a low carbon footprint per the company’s LCA. As a company founded by artists, MycoWorks has championed designers small and large with aligned values. MycoWorks has chosen to partner with Deadwood Studios for their sustainability commitments, as the fashion company has pledged 80% of their materials being recycled, upcycled, or next generation-based.

“This partnership could not be a better fit and we’re so proud of the results” said Bill Morris, VP of Product Design at MycoWorks. “We worked with Carl and Felix as they created the capsule collection from their atelier in Stockholm. It’s so special to see designers learn to fabricate with our new material. Deadwood has really taken the Reishi™ for what it is, and harnessed the natural characteristics of mycelium into raw, beautiful, and natural design.”

Deadwood’s made-to-order Reishi™ Mycelium Capsule collection includes the Xiva Reishi Coat ($3,248), Canoo Reishi Jacket ($1,624), Vivo Reishi Vest ($542), and the Vander Reishi Bag ($1,083). All are available for purchase at

About Deadwood
Founded in 2013 by Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder, Deadwood Studios is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Deadwood Studios initially reworked vintage from the duo’s concept store, a curated collection of up-and-coming designer brands and vintage clothing. Grounded in upcycling, the company now incorporates offcuts and deadstock into its much loved collections and is exploring design with leather alternatives. For more information, please visit

About MycoWorks
In 2013, co-founders Philip Ross and Sophia Wang formed MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based biomaterials company dedicated to bringing new mycelium-grown materials to the world. MycoWorks’ patented Fine Mycelium technology, an advanced manufacturing platform and breakthrough in materials science, engineers mycelium during growth to form proprietary, interlocking cellular structures for unparalleled beauty, handfeel, strength and durability. The company’s flagship material- Reishi- is a new category of material for the world’s best luxury brands. For more information, please visit

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