Powerhouse Duo Making Waves with the Resurrection of the Classic Smoking Robe

Powerhouse Duo Making Waves with the Resurrection of the Classic Smoking Robe

Emerging Fashion and Creative House Bergamo, is Celebrating Masculinity and All Things Men with the Rebirth of the Smoking Robe and Loungewear Fit for a MAN.

TORONTO, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Led by a Canadian powerhouse duo, BERGAMO is much more than a men’s fashion and lifestyle brand. BERGAMO was conceived to celebrate masculinity and all things men. The creators behind BERGAMO believe it is increasingly imperative to identify, acknowledge, and celebrate masculinity to create a space where men can openly express, experience, and embody the diverse range of the masculine experience.

Beginning with the seminal release of their Classic Smoking Robe, BERGAMO’s rendition of the historic smoking jacket, the goal was to resurrect the robe de chambre as an ode to leisure, luxury, and individuality. Designed in Canada and crafted out of the softest cottons and velvety silks, the pair behind the brand are using the robes’ release to champion the importance of, “letting it all go, doing what you need to do, and being who you need to be”.

“We want all men to relish in their masculinity, to understand it’s role and importance, and above all, to aspire to be the most authentic versions of themselves,” said co-founder Stephen Mater.

Encouraging men to “BE ICONIC“, the pair want their robe to be a representation of this and to mark a moment in a man’s day when he can take off his proverbial mask, kickback – or kick it up a notch – embrace who he is, and what he stands for.

While this is only the beginning, BERGAMO is quickly making waves. Working with notable photographers, videographers, and artists alike, the company not only wants to create remarkable pieces, but is working in tandem with the creative community to produce works of art with a masculine sensibility. “It’s been a beautiful thing, watching artists expand on our pieces and our ideological premise, taking them to places we never could have imagined,” said Mater. BERGAMO hopes to inspire a varied range of distinctive creative expression that can be shared and transformed, and ultimately, become a symbol of masculine rapport.

“BERGAMO has a lot planned and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage everyone to participate in our mission to celebrate what it means to be a masculine force in this world – we need it now more than ever”, Mater said.  


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