Serial Founder Matthew Knysz Joins Interweb, Inc. as CTO to Advance No-Chain Vision

Serial Founder Matthew Knysz Joins Interweb, Inc. as CTO to Advance No-Chain Vision

Knysz brings a background in security and distributed systems and entrepreneurial experience founding and building web companies.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Interweb, Inc., the company building the “printing press” for software development, is proud to announce that Dr. Matthew Knysz is joining the team as Chief Technology Officer. A seasoned entrepreneur, Knysz has co-founded multiple Silicon Valley startups, attracting investments from notable investors like Mayfield, Cherubic, and innovative and impactful angels including Lars Rasmussen, the founder of Google Maps. Knysz’s journey from research at Bell Labs to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship has equipped him with a rare blend of talents to propel Interweb, Inc., and its Web3 tooling suite Cosmology, into its next phase. Knysz is particularly eager to transform on-chain complexity into no-chain simplicity, just as no-code has democratized building applications.

One of Knysz’s ventures seamlessly brought together physical and virtual landscapes into cohesive hybrid digital experiences, predating the widespread adoption of the metaverse. Knysz was inspired by the potential of Web3, leading him to delve deeper to integrate the technology and confront the undeveloped state of the Web3 developer experience. His mission at Cosmology involves not only empowering blockchain developers with sophisticated tools, but also making them accessible to the broader web ecosystem, enabling them to integrate the interoperable web of ownership into their product experiences.

Cosmology Founder, Dan Lynch, reflected: “Having both spent decades at the frontier of web development, Matt and I are deeply aligned in our desire to make the web whole again, dissolving the boundaries between Web2 and Web3 and bringing about the next evolution of the Web: the interoperable web, or Interweb.”

Already, Cosmology’s tools have been downloaded 6 million times, and with Knysz’s leadership, the total addressable market of users is set to expand dramatically from the thousands of native Web3 developers to tens of millions of application builders worldwide. By equipping anyone with no-chain tools that are easily usable in a no-code or low-code fashion (in developer-friendly languages), Web3 can finally be integrated into the broader web in applications that are more capable, accessible, and promote mass adoption.

“I’m thrilled to pursue the no-chain vision with Dan and the Cosmology team,” said Knysz. “By abstracting the complexities of blockchain development, we aim to bring the benefits of Web3 to a larger pool of developers and talent as quickly and as easily as possible, fostering innovation and bringing in a new era of web applications that realize the synergies between blockchains and existing web technologies.”

Prior to starting two companies and now joining Interweb, Inc., Knysz earned his Master’s and PhD degrees at the University of Michigan, where he studied security and distributed systems and developed adaptive software authentication for distributed sensor networks with the Navy Research Labs and Cisco. As part of his dissertation, he also built a globally distributed monitoring and detection system for botnets using machine learning.

About Interweb, Inc.
Interweb, Inc. is building the “printing press” for software development, streamlining the creation process and enabling developers to work on a higher conceptual plane.

Our software suite, starting with a backend builder and evolving into Web3 tools for developers, has collectively amassed over 16 million downloads. LaunchQL, our flagship PostgreSQL suite, is powering over 650,000 databases for leaders like Supabase and Neon DB. Cosmology, our suite of Web3 tools, plays a critical role in supporting more than 150 blockchains, including multi-billion dollar market cap giants like dYdX, Celestia, and Osmosis, which process billions of dollars of transactions monthly.

Interweb, Inc.’s approach to software development hinges on no-code, low-code, and no-chain paradigms, operating at the very DNA of software. Our products enable application development to transcend the low-level details of the technology they’re built on, paving the way for more innovation and better user experiences.

For nearly three decades, our Founder, Dan Lynch, has been shaping the Web, including through the founding and scaling of pioneering low and no-code companies and His ventures have attracted over $120M in funding and power Fortune 100 brands. Our CTO, Dr. Matthew Knysz, brings both academic and entrepreneurial experience in security, distributed systems, and machine learning, and members of our team include pioneers in the Cosmos ecosystem who developed the first Ethereum bridge, contributed to the design and implementation of the IBC protocol, and spearheaded development of the Cosmos SDK, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis.

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