SWTHZ (SweatHouz) Appoints Dr. Susanna Søberg, PhD as Lead Science and Education Advisor

SWTHZ (SweatHouz) Appoints Dr. Susanna Søberg, PhD as Lead Science and Education Advisor

SWTHZ, the leader in boutique wellness and contrast therapy, is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Susanna Søberg to its Medical Advisory Board. This milestone underscores the company’s commitment to a science-backed approach to wellness, and further solidifies its leadership in the boutique wellness category. SWTHZ, currently operates 25 luxury contrast therapy studios with 80 additional leases signed. The brand expects to open 100 additional locations in the next 12 months bringing its domestic footprint to 30 states.

Dr. Søberg, a world-renowned expert in heat and cold therapy, will bring her extensive academic background and research to bolster SWTHZ's offering. Esteemed for her groundbreaking research on sauna and cold water immersion, and the creation of the Thermalist® Education, Dr. Soberg has dedicated her career to improving health and performance through science-backed natural therapies. Her research, which has set new benchmarks in the usage of infrared saunas and cold plunges, aligns seamlessly with SWTHZ’s mission to accelerate the world’s adoption of deliberate exposure to heat and cold therapy.

"SWTHZ and contrast therapy have a crucial role to play in making the world a healthier place. The addition of Dr. Søberg to our Medical Advisory Board is an important step in educating the communities we serve on the physical and mental health benefits of heat and cold exposure," stated Jamie Weeks, Founder and CEO of SWTHZ. "Dr. Søberg's scientific rigor and profound understanding of how these modalities positively impact human physiology are very important in driving mass adoption."

As the Lead Medical Advisor of Science and Education, Dr. Søberg will collaborate with SWTHZ's product development team to introduce new features and educational content throughout the member experience and advance the educational strategy for staff members.

"I am thrilled to partner with SWTHZ, a company that aligns with my lifelong research on heat and cold therapy," stated Dr. Søberg. "This collaboration is a powerful opportunity to broaden the reach of scientifically grounded wellness protocols and to make a profound impact on public health globally. As Lead Science and Education Advisor, my goal is to help SWTHZ further implement a science-backed approach through my work and the Thermalist ® educational program."

"Fitness and nutrition are very important, but natural therapies such as infrared sauna and cold plunge should be viewed as a starting point of one’s wellness journey," added Jamie Weeks. "As the global category leader, we believe leading with education is critical. We look forward to integrating Dr. Søberg's work and collaboratively facilitating the adoption of sauna and cold plunge globally."

To learn more about our innovative approach and to stay up-to-date on Dr. Søberg's impact at SWTHZ, visit our website at [www.SWTHZ.com], or follow us on our social media channels, @sweathouz.

About SWTHZ (SweatHouz)

SWTHZ, under the leadership of Founder and CEO Jamie Weeks, offers an unparalleled wellness experience grounded in scientific research by integrating infrared sauna, cold plunge and vitamin-C shower in a luxurious private suite environment. Prior to founding SWTHZ, Weeks was the largest Franchisee in Orangetheory Fitness with more than 140 studios, a business he successfully sold to private equity in 2018.

About Dr. Susanna Søberg

Dr. Søberg holds a Ph.D. in metabolism and is the author of several influential scientific publications that have advanced the understanding of thermal therapy and built the world’s first and only science-backed education program in thermal therapy: Thermalist® Education. Her work at the Søberg Institute has garnered international recognition, making her one of the leading experts in the field of holistic health and wellness.

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Original Source: SWTHZ (SweatHouz) Appoints Dr. Susanna Søberg, PhD as Lead Science and Education Advisor SWTHZ (SweatHouz) Appoints Dr. Susanna Søberg, PhD as Lead Science and Education Advisor

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