GAUCHERE SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

GAUCHERE SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

GAUCHERE SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

GAUCHERE Spring-Summer 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week

The GAUCHERE Spring Summer 2024 collection represents a dialogue between nonlinearity and fragmentation. Marie-Christine Statz driven by progressive minimalism, explores the idea of modern world seen through multi-layered stories and fractured perceptions.

The 35 looks are intentionally minimal, focusing on clean-cut tailoring, balancing tension, and harmony for a cut through silhouette.The monochrome suiting is the houses uniform and clearly visible while adding a more graphic perspective. GAUCHERE translates the vibrant mood of today into organic shapes and three-dimensional volumes.

Backless tops, slits in skirts and jackets are revealing the body. Ultra-short pants are paired with oversized blazers. A play between sheer silk mousseline and opaque leather stand in contrast within the same silhouette.Wrapped and pleated tank tops and skirts in jersey represent a certain disjointed connection. Dropped large shoulders paired with a rushing detail at the waist becomes an important silhouette for blazers, shirts, tops, and skirts.They come in summer wool, light cotton, silk, and transparent gaze.

The attitude is relaxed, looking for high-end comfort and versatility in tailoring fit and form, by using iconic sportswear materials and denim in different washings. Next to black and white, the colour code is built on a palette of different light browns, shades of blues, and cream, accentuated by a saffron yellow and orange red. Pastel tones of lavender, butter, and light concrete are adding a softer touch. A black print inspired by the very moment of dropping a colour in water. A still intensity, within a unique movement that fades away.

With a shared love of understated luxury, architectural cuts and the cascading power of confident design, AHLEM has partnered with GAUCHERE on a frame that encapsulates it all.

GAUCHERE is a French pret-a-porter house founded in 2013 by designer Marie-Christine Statz. The house embraces the non-exclusivity of formal wear and casual wear mixed with a subversive and less conventional femininity. Statz designs clothing with real people in mind, focusing on their individuality.

Special Thanks to AHLEM for the sunglasses collaboration

Runway Looks

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