LGBTQ+ Social Media Platform Calls Out to Investors

LGBTQ+ Social Media Platform Calls Out to Investors

MollyTommy, the world's preferred safe and inclusive social media platform, is in the process of beginning to pitch its first round of funding in exchange for equity. The funds will be utilized primarily for the development of an app, and secondarily for targeted marketing spends to aggressively ramp up and expand its reach to both members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Over 80% of MollyTommy's monthly online visitors are new to the site, and analytics show the new visitors are creating profiles, growing the online platform's memberships month after month. MollyTommy's recent launch into Europe also helped fuel the growth in both personal and business accounts. It's unprecedented to see such growth on a desktop-only social media platform.

"For far too long, the LGBTQ+ community has been underground, silent out of fear, and an intricate web of tribal knowledge and community. We are innovating and seeking to establish an entire ecosystem to pull the underground above ground. First steps are with the establishment of our safe and inclusive social media platform. Our website is incredible in lieu of the limited resources we have." - Sophia Hayden, MollyTommy Board Member

MollyTommy has positioned itself to be a top social media platform but needs to secure critical funding for app development. MollyTommy has begun talks with investors who are not only interested in changing the world for the ~780 million LGBTQ+ people around the world forever, but also opening up access to one of the most unique - and largely untapped - demographic cohorts of consumer spending power globally. It is estimated that the LGBTQ+ community has access to over $1.4 TRILLION in spending power. 

MollyTommy's vision is innovative, disruptive, world-changing, and calling out to investors to be part of something big. Their founders and team refuse to fail and will succeed. For those interested in scheduling a pitch call with the Co-Founders and board, or know of any potential investors who would have interest, please reach out to the media contact below. Help MollyTommy help the community (which needs them now more than ever) and create a better, more inclusive world for future generations. 

MollyTommy is a free social media platform where LGBTQ+ communities, their friends, families and businesses can unite with a sense of purpose and use their voices to engage with each other in a safe environment.

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