Hard Asset Management Presents New Episode of ‘The Hard Asset Money Show With Christian Briggs’
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Hard Asset Management Presents New Episode of ‘The Hard Asset Money Show With Christian Briggs’

Decoding CBDCs: A Deep Dive Into Digital Currencies and Financial Transformations

Hard Asset Management, Inc., one of the world's largest rare coin and precious metal dealer firms, has released the latest episode of its podcast, "The Hard Asset Money Show with Christian Briggs." This episode delves deep into the intricacies of the fast-pace rise of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Featuring insights from Congressman and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green from Tennessee, the episode sheds light on current events and offers critical perspectives for those interested in the financial world.

The episode is now available to listen:

The United States has marked a significant milestone with the launch of FedNow on July 20, signaling the commencement of phase one of the country's CBDC rollout. Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, CBDCs are centralized digital fiats issued by the nation's banking system. Central banks, as the chief authorities, dictate CBDC regulations, a sharp contrast to decentralized crypto networks, which are primarily user-driven.

In this episode, Briggs discusses the political climate surrounding CBDCs, highlighting how Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are trying to get rid of decentralized digital payment platforms such as cryptocurrencies and are in favor of Federal CBDCs because they don't want citizens to have the freedom and autonomy to transact anywhere at any time with anyone with zero surveillance. The episode also addresses recent actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Notably, the SEC has charged Coinbase with functioning as an unregistered securities exchange and has also lodged 13 charges against Binance for similar allegations.

The podcast culminates with a focus on the global scale. News has surfaced that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is aggressively pursuing the concept of a global CBDC platform, suggesting the potential rise of a singular global currency overseen by a handful of unelected officials.

"In this evolving financial landscape, it's critical for individuals to stay informed. Through our podcast, we aim to offer valuable insights and clarity on subjects like CBDCs, which are rapidly shaping the future of global transactions," said Christian Briggs, CEO and founder of Hard Asset Management, Inc. "We endeavor to ensure our listeners are equipped with knowledge, enabling them to navigate these shifts with confidence."

For a comprehensive understanding of CBDCs, its challenges, and global implications, tune into "The Hard Asset Money Show with Christian Briggs."

The episode is now available for streaming. 


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