Readymag Unveils ‘Navigating Career’, a Web Special Exploring Career Challenges in the Design Industry
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Readymag Unveils ‘Navigating Career’, a Web Special Exploring Career Challenges in the Design Industry

Insights from a dozen design pros, spiced up with AI imagery

Readymag, a design tool for creating outstanding websites, is launching a new collaboration with You Creative Media, a dynamic creative course and resource platform. Titled "Navigating career: Designers’ milestones", Readymag created a visual editorial that delves into the challenges that professionals confront in the design industry.

Drawing from exclusive interviews and real-life experiences of esteemed design experts such as Veronica Fuerte, Cat How, Beth Wilson, Vitaly Friedman, Felix Lee, Andy Chung, Leandro Assis, and others, the editorial aims to provide guidance as well as a unique perspective on these challenges. 

“Design careers, like many professional paths, are rarely straightforward journeys to success,” says Tatiana Kovalchuk, Readymag’s editor-in-chief. “They are often marked by a series of unexpected setbacks that one must either overcome or step away from. With this in mind, in collaboration with You Creative Media, we've designed this editorial to focus on the pivotal moments in a design career and the typical challenges faced by design professionals, particularly those at a mid-weight level or higher. “

The project explores a spectrum of topics such as transitioning into leadership roles, handling workplace conflicts, launching a design enterprise, dealing with burnout, navigating challenging client relationships, establishing a business with close associates, undertaking pro bono work, and more. Veronica Fuerte, Founder and Creative Directress of Hey Studio, shares her perspective in one of the project’s features: "Design is a discipline that almost everybody has an opinion on because it’s easy to have an opinion, so we see our work as guiding and educating people."

Amber Weaver, Director and Founder of You Creative Media, adds: “Learning the specific, high-value creative skills expected by businesses can be a challenge to identify and achieve. The cost of a formal education may be inaccessible for you at this point, or perhaps the one you took wasn’t worth the price tag it came with. You can feel depleted and fearful of not being able to make your dream of becoming a designer your full-time career. Creatives should have access to the right tools and practical resources to develop professionally without breaking the bank. That’s why it’s been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Readymag on this partnership to help serve our creative community.”

The web special is accomplished with 17 AI illustrations created under the creative direction of Readymag's designer, Tatiana Egoshina. 

Readymag is a design tool that helps create websites, landing pages and all kinds of digital publications without coding. It offers advanced animations and interactions, 5,000+ free fonts with complete control over typography, plus teamwork and analytics. 

You Creative Media is a platform dedicated to learning, skill development, and professional growth. Its flexible creative course and resource platform caters to aspiring and established creatives seeking to acquire or enhance skills that are in demand in the industry. 

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