Introducing The Ball Masters: SAXX Tees Up First Underwear Endorsement Deal with Pro Caddies

Introducing The Ball Masters: SAXX Tees Up First Underwear Endorsement Deal with Pro Caddies

Geno Bonnalie, Aaron Flener, John Limanti, and Joel Stock to wear SAXX underwear on and off course, help raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer

VANCOUVER, BC, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fore, please! The Ball Masters, now… caddying.

Today, premium men’s underwear and apparel brand SAXX announced a first-of-its-kind endorsement deal with professional caddies Geno Bonnalie, Aaron Flener, John Limanti, and Joel Stock. As the unsung heroes of professional golf, SAXX will ensure these four pros are properly cared for on and off the course, providing a variety of ball-supporting and body-cooling styles. The landmark deal will also include a “Caddie House” activation at the United States golf championship this June in Los Angeles.

Since its inception in 2006, SAXX has mastered the art of ball security with their patented BallPark Pouch™, which is a built-in hammock that holds everything in place. Given caddies are experts at safeguarding their players’ golf balls, the partnership is a meeting of the minds when it comes to ball-care. It also marks the first significant apparel agreement with multiple caddies.

“There are obviously fun synergies at play with this partnership, but my favorite aspect is that we’re able to recognize professional caddies for the vital role they play on the course,” said Wendy Bennison, Chief Executive Officer, SAXX. “It’s exciting to know that our underwear will be worn by some of the best at their craft in the biggest moments of the golf season.”

As part of the deal, Geno, Aaron, John, and Joel will wear SAXX’s life-changing underwear as they go about their unique duties. They can find netherly peace knowing their balls are comfortably supported and secured, allowing them to focus on what really matters: properly caring for their respective golfers’ balls.

But the ball-care doesn’t stop there, as SAXX has committed to donate $1001 to the Testicular Cancer Foundation for every birdie made by the caddies’ players during the remainder of the professional golf season.

“I’m fired up to be working with SAXX,” said Bonnalie. “Not only did they level up my underwear game, but they’re supporting a cause that’s close to home for many people, including myself. Here we go, Joel… birdies for balls!”

Despite what some may think, professional caddying is no walk in the park. Caddies are largely compensated based on their players’ week-to-week performance, so the job is undoubtedly an up-and-down experience. Oftentimes, caddies are left to fend for themselves on the road, which doesn’t always result in the most hospitable accommodations. (Just ask Geno!)

Seeing an easy opportunity to pamper their caddies (as well as their balls), SAXX aims to alleviate this pain point during one of the biggest tournaments of the year. So, the brand will host Geno, Aaron, John, and Joel at their very own Caddie House in Los Angeles during the U.S. golf championship in June.

The palatial digs will serve as homebase for the caddies and be unlike anything they experience during a typical tournament week, featuring a spacious living area and kitchen, top-of-the-line amenities, and a pool for relaxing in between rounds. To kick off the week, SAXX and the Ball Masters will host a happy hour on Tuesday for their fellow caddies, players and friends.

“I’m excited to be able to team up with three of my best friends in golf,” said Stock. “It’s cool that SAXX is hooking us up with a Caddie House in L.A. too. I can’t wait.”

Geno, Aaron, John, and Joel will appear in a slate of new digital ads produced by Quality Meats and BMP Film Co. The spots are easygoing and fun, giving the four pros a chance to show off their natural charm as they perform a variety of on-course responsibilities, including providing positive reinforcement (“Just picture everyone in their underwear.”), reading the greens (“It’s two balls outside.”), caring for their golf balls (“At this level, those who carry the balls get no mulligans.”), and more.

“I can’t say I ever thought I’d get a modeling gig with an underwear company,” said Flener. “I mean, look at me!”

The Ball Masters campaign was conceptualized and executed by SAXX and Zeno Group in conjunction with Makers Sports Management.

Golf is a game that requires an absurd level of concentration and precision, so it’s important to stay cool and comfortable on the course given the magnitude of every swing. With these types of moments in mind, SAXX developed DropTemp™ technology – a state-of-the-art fabric structure that wicks sweat from the skin and amplifies the body’s natural cooling capacity. The DropTemp™ All Day Cooling collection is available in short and long sleeve shirts, hoodies, and polos.

SAXX also offers Go to Town, a chino-styled short with a built-in BallPark Pouch™ liner. These versatile 2N1 shorts are made for days on (and off) the course and keep the manhood in place.

“SAXX apparel is perfect for the golf course,” said Limanti. “I’ve been wearing their underwear, polos, and shorts while caddying and I’ve never been more comfortable.”

SAXX is the OG pouch underwear brand. It’s famous for inventing the BallPark Pouch™, a hammock-shaped compartment built into every pair of underwear that cradles the balls and delivers friction-free support below the belt.

About SAXX Underwear Co. Ltd.

SAXX’s obsession with the comfort of manhood continues to revolutionize the men’s underwear industry. SAXX underwear keeps guys comfortable, confident and ready for action in any situation, thanks in part to its BallPark Pouch™ − a patented 3D hammock-shaped pouch that keeps everything in place for chafe-free support. The brand is one of the fastest-growing men’s underwear companies in North America and is poised for growth beyond the underwear market, as it incorporates this technology and others like DropTemp™, a cooling technology without the use of chemicals, into other categories such as activewear, sleepwear and swimwear. For more information, visit or follow SAXX on social at @saxxunderwear.

About Testicular Cancer Foundation

The Testicular Cancer Foundation is a national 501(c)3 with a mission to provide education, awareness, and support about Testicular Cancer – The most common cancer in males ages 15-35. For more information visit

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