Meet Charis Jones, the fashion CEO changing lives in Africa and beyond

Meet Charis Jones, the fashion CEO changing lives in Africa and beyond

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Charis Jones, CEO and Creative Director of Sassy Jones, is the first black female entrepreneur to build two girls dormitories at a Kenyan education center in Africa. Her initiatives have allowed prepubescent young girls to live separately from the boys, while maturing into confident young women. A percentage of every purchase with the brand goes toward the supplies to aid in the epidemic of menstrual poverty and the success of school in Kenya. In commemoration of the brand’s philanthropic efforts, Sassy Jones designed a collection inspired by precious moments with the tribes and children.

Sassy Jones, is the rapidly growing fashion and beauty brand that leaped over 12,000% revenue growth with zero investments, in the last 4 years. Charis sold her Mercedes Benz in order to finance a trade show tour in 2015 while raising 5 month old twin boys. Although the tour was fulfilling, she found herself financially and physically exhausted. So, she developed a pivot strategy quickly and built the pop up shop display in her kitchen to style her products via livestream, naming it The Sparkle Party®. This is where the brand began to globally impact the lives of women by empowering them to practice audacity with their lifestyle choices.

To date, over 30,000 weekly viewers watch the Sparkle Party® to gain a sense of empowerment not only with their style, but to collect Charis’ tips on confidence, redirecting negative self talk and strategies on reclaiming their power. Rachel C., an Atlanta based customer said, “Your inspiration has brought me through some really dark times during COVID, like whenever I wear my Sassy Jones pieces I instantly feel like I can conquer the world.”

The Sassy Jones brand is a ministry; the products are simply the outreach tool. Charis Jones has built a fashion brand employing a staff of 90% women and 100% minorities. It’s reached a coveted peak spot of #24 on the prestigious INC 5000 list from the 3 times the brand has been listed. Sassy Jones plans to continue to prioritize independent growth in the coming years. When Charis was asked, what’s her secret sauce she mentioned, “I’ve always been enamored with how the woman feels in our pieces first rather than how she looks. Whereas the industry usually does it the other way around. Simply put, we sell confidence.”

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