UJOH SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH SS24 during Paris Fashion Week

UJOH Spring-Summer 2024 collection during Paris Fashion Week

The 2024 Spring Summer collection offers fluid pattern cutting and structured layering, which demonstrate UJOHs distinctive contrastive tailoring.

As a designer with a background as a pattern maker, Nishizaki believes that "cutting" is not only about connecting the dots efficiently and functionally. His search to find new ways of cutting gave birth to this seasons distinctive shapes, which combine organic curves with sharpness, transposed directly onto the patterns.

Wanting to be free from gender and body type restrictions, the 2024 Spring Summer collection offers many items that can be combined freely when styling and suggests an air of handsome refinement.

This seasons special items include pants made from UJOHs iconic pinstripe, an asymmetric flared strapless dress, and a torn skirt with a handkerchief hem and with their original shapes, fitting beautifully and naturally.

UJOH skirts and jackets embodying the organic curves that symbolize this collection offers a free and layered styling.

New textures also appear this season, such as a nylon waffle weave with its unique reflective transparency, as well as interwoven polyester and washi double satin, which has a natural feel and elegant shine. These textures, which have a strongly constructed feel, breathe new life into the collection.

This collections key colors include celadon green, steel grey, sky blue, navy with cream pinstripes, and black, which are iconic of the brand. UJOH employs an eye-catching combination of tone-on-tone and high contrast color and styling.

Runway Looks

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