VICTORIA/TOMAS AW24 during Paris Fashion Week

VICTORIA/TOMAS AW24 during Paris Fashion Week

VICTORIA/TOMAS AW24 during Paris Fashion Week

VICTORIA/TOMAS Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION during Paris Fashion Week

"LE BAISER" FW24-25 PARIS, 27/02/2024

Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins presents the new FW24/25 Womenswear collection titled "Le Baiser" -

"The Kiss" in French. In late October, Victoria and Tomas were visiting the famous Rodin Museum in Paris. This time the iconic sculpture "Le Baiser" grabbed their attention.

The lightness of warm movements contrasted with cold and heavy marble.

Man's hand entwines the woman's body with passion and protection.

Rodin used a technique that is dear to him: the assembly of two originally independent elements, but who create a new work through their association. Reinterpreted movements were reflected in the collection as heavy scarfs integrated into jackets, coats and cardigans wrapped around the neck to create cozy yet sensual and Parisian look.

Cropped shirts, marinire, mini skirts getting warmer with the body heating up. Leather pieces draw attention as designers wanted to bring back their renowned category, that was first introduced at Festival d'Hyeres 10 years ago.

The silhouettes are sensual and fragile, yet delivering a strong attitude.

Runway Looks

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