Yuima Nakazato Spring Summer 2022 | Haute Couture Show / Runway Collection

Yuima Nakazato Spring Summer 2022 | Haute Couture Show / Runway Collection

Japanese Fashion designer YUIMA NAKAZATO presented his Spring Summer 2022 Haute Couture Collection, that explores the unclear area where fantasy and reality meet, on January 27th, during the last day of the recently finished Paris Fashion Week. The Liminal collection was inspired by mythical creature Chimera (a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature, composed of different animal parts), and the fact that such myths are gradually becoming reality. It explores the fusion of cutting-edge technology and ancient wisdom.

The collection’s title, LIMINAL, was chosen to symbolise this ambiguous domain of limitless values and possibilities. Based on the belief that the evolution of garments will lead to a richer human society, and in order to fulfil our responsibility towards future generations, YUIMA NAKAZATO conducts ongoing assessment of material supply chains and creates garments designed for long-term use and eventual up-cycling. Moreover, we continue to engage in development of our in-house production system, Biosmocking, which seeks to eliminate material waste from the garment creation process. We create garments using natural materials including Brewed ProteinTM materials, and we strive to decrease the use of petroleum-based materials whenever possible.

Creative direction: YUIMA NAKAZATO
Photography: Yasunari Kikuma
Hair & makeup direction/Wig design: Hirofumi Kera (SHISEIDO)
Styling: Robbie Spencer
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Senjan Jansen
Artistic collaborator/Dance performance: Nanine Linning
Dance performance: Ève-Marie Dalcourt, Evgeny Ganeev


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